Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)

Although various definitions have been used for ART, the definition used by CDC is based on the 1992 Fertility Clinic Success Rate and Certification Act that requires CDC to publish the annual ART Success Rates Report. According to this definition, ART includes all fertility treatments in which both eggs and sperm are handled. In general, ART procedures involve surgically removing eggs from a woman's ovaries, combining them with sperm in the laboratory, and returning them to the woman's body or donating them to another woman. They do NOT include treatments in which only sperm are handled (i.e., intrauterine—or artificial—insemination) or procedures in which a woman takes medicine only to stimulate egg production without the intention of having eggs retrieved.

In vitro Fertilisation (IVF)

In vitro Fertilisation also known as test tube baby means basically that the egg and the sperm are removed from the women & the men's body respectively and the final fertilization is achieved outside(in vitro) in a petri-dish under strict environmental conditions, closely duplicating the natural conditions. The resultant embryo is later replaced in the womb by a gentle catheter after 2 to 3 days


The basic steps are:

  • Stimulation of ovaries by injections to produce more eggs.
  • Retrieval of eggs from the body under short anesthesia with help of ultrasound.
  • Mixing the gametes (eggs and sperm) in petridish.
  • Culture the petridish till embryo stage in specialised incubators.
  • Transfer of 2-3 best embryos back into the womb .

Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection refers to an advanced micro-manipulation of the egg and sperm.
This procedure is resorted to when the eggs are unable to get fertilized.( due to a variety of factors.)

The basic steps of stimulation of the ovary and retrieval of eggs are same as IVF. Once the eggs have been retrieved, each egg is held by micro-pipettes and a single sperm is actually injected inside each healthy egg to effect their fusion called fertilization. This technique is specially a boon to males with severely reduced sperm count or even in cases where there are no sperms in the ejaculate. As only one good sperm is needed per egg retrieved, sperms can even be retrieved surgically from the testes or male ducts for using in this procedure.

Once the eggs and sperms have fused and fertilized the resultant Embryo is cultured in the incubators till they are good to be transferred to the womb.

ICSI can also be an option for those couple who have had fertilization failure during IVF.
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