Advanced Technology

our centers is equipped with advanced technology to conduct all ART procedures such as:

Assisted Hatching

This technique is used when the zona or covering of the eggs is thicker than usual. The excessive thickening is believed by many scientists to result in lower chances of pregnancy

Blastocyst Culture

Blastocyst culture –In couples who have undergone repeated failure of implantation, an alternative technique would be to culture the embryos to the 5th day when they become blastocysts. Transferring the embryos at this stage can sometimes be helpful in achieving better outcomes for these patients.


Cryo Preservation

Cryopreservation- Our team is skilled and experienced in the use the latest freezing technologies, including the Vitrification technique. This technique reduces the possibility of damage to the embryos undergoing the freezing procedure.




This technology allows us to have a closer look at the sperm while performing the ICSI procedure. The high magnification achieved with the IMSI objective allows us in selecting the best possible sperm for ICSI in cases of severe sperm morphology problems.


Zona birefringence

Zona birefringence – The advanced optical systems assists us in assessing the quality of the egg in a dimension that is not possible with conventional microscopy. Using this technology our ability to select out better embryos for transfer is much improved.