Donor Program

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Sperm Donation

For the couples opting for donor sperms we have fully screened and medically fit young donor sperm samples, from reputed and authentic sperm banks. The confidentiality and anonymity is maintained as per professional standards.

Egg Donation

Egg donation gives women who have prematurely exhausted their store of eggs, a chance to be a mother. It can also be offered to women with documented poor egg quality. The donors are young women with proven fertility and good health. Their screening is done for infectious diseases, genetic abnormalities and willingness to participate in donor program. The anonymity and confidentiality is maintained at all the steps and recipient is given a chance to bear a child genetically similar to her husband.

Embryo Donation

Embryo donation involves transfer of a ready embryo which is genetically not similar to the couple, into the woman whose womb lining has been readied for the embryo by external oral medicines. The embryo's genetic donors are evaluated for the infectious diseases as well as genetic abnormalities.